Tokashiki Island

Approximately 6 minutes by electric bicycle to the ferry terminal
About 1.6km from e-CHARIty
Ferry (Naha - Tokashiki Island) approximately 70 minutes
Round trip fare: Adults (junior high school students and older) 3,210 yen, Children (elementary school students) 1,610 yen

*One child under elementary school age is free per adult.

*Environmental cooperation tax of 100 yen will be collected from passengers who are high school students or older.

Fares per bicycle (including electric assist): 660 yen

*The fares listed are as of June 2023. Bicycles cannot be loaded onto high-speed ships.

There may be changes in the operating time or the boat may be full and you may not be able to board on the same day, so it is best to make a reservation and check the availability of seats. Reservations for ships can be made from two months in advance to the day before the boarding date.

Go to the ferry online reservation site

It is a hilly island with a maximum altitude of 227m.
The circumference of the island is approximately 25km, the total length is 9km from north to south, and 2.8km from east to west.
A vast mountain that is difficult to cross on foot
Sightseeing on foot is also possible within the village.
3 to 4 route buses per day
Day trip stay time depending on ferry departure and arrival times
Summer: 4 hours 50 minutes Winter: 4 hours 20 minutes

*If you take a high-speed boat, your stay on the island will be longer depending on the departure and arrival times, but you cannot transport bicycles.

Highlights and popular spots you will pass on this route

Tokashiku Marine Village

A hotel where you can enjoy activities

Cafe Yumean

Lunch and drinks in an open interior♪

Example route to destination

*The above route ends at the Naha Tomari ferry terminal.