How far can an E-bike go?

Depending on the model, we have bicycles that can run from 20km to a maximum of 150km with a fully charged battery.
The possible mileage will vary depending on the size of the battery and the road surface you are driving on.

How will you deal with a flat tire on the go, and will you pick up your car if it breaks down?

The customer will be responsible for any puncture repairs during rental. Please have your bicycle repaired at a nearby bicycle shop.

Is a helmet compulsory?

Wearing a helmet is mandatory. We recommend that you attach it for safety.

Should I ride my bicycle on the road or on the sidewalk?

Bicycles are vehicles, so they should generally be ridden on the road, but if it is unavoidable or if there is a bicycle lane on the sidewalk, you can use it.

What kind of clothes should I wear for cycling in Okinawa?

Light clothing is recommended. Breathable shirts, shorts, and comfortable sports shoes are suitable. We recommend that you don't forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

What age range is it available?

The target age is 6 years old and above, but any age can use it as long as they can ride a bicycle.

What kind of bicycles are there in the store?

There are several types of stores.

  • Electric Mamachari Bicycle - Perfect for riding around town or shopping!
  • Electric Mamachari Children's Bicycle - Even people with small children can enjoy sightseeing by bicycle!
  • Minivelo (small wheel vehicle) - It has wheels that are smaller than a regular bicycle.
  • Electric sports type bicycle - A bike that is easy to ride and can run long distances!
  • Cross bike, road bike (non-electric) - Recommended for those who want to do a lot of cycling!

Do you have bicycles for children?

We do not sell children's bicycles as we do not manufacture electric bicycles for children.
However, we do carry bicycles that are smaller than regular bicycles, so you can test ride them at our store and make your decision.

Do you do any repairs or inspections?

We also offer repairs and inspections, but prices vary depending on the specific part of the bike and the nature of the repair. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

Are there any bags or front baskets that can be attached to the rear carrier when going out?

We also have bicycles with a front basket or rear carrier, and bags that can be attached to the rear carrier.
Please contact us in advance as the number and number of units is limited.

Can I pick up my bicycle from a location other than the store?

At our store, you can rent items at the store and return them at the store.